Herbert Avenue Project

Through my lens I view the happenings that take place on Herbert Avenue.
My mother told me how she sang in her school auditorium the song, “The House I Live In.” The lyrics say “A plot of earth a street, the grocer and the butcher and the people that we meet.” Some families moved here for better schools for their children, some relocated for their work. Some grew up here and never left. Every day as I walk my dogs I notice the uniqueness of all the families on my small cull de sac. There are school teachers, stay at home moms, police officers, lawyers, traders, bankers and unfortunately the unemployed too. However, when all these different families are out on the block playing catch with my dogs and talking amongst each other, I notice everyone is the same. We all want to be a part of this small community and be valued in the same way as the person next door to us. That’s America to me. 

Robin G. London, Photographer-Herbert Avenue Resident 13 years

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